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Volunteers Needed

Looking for volunteer web designers, developers to help me continue to create and help maintain animal rescue websites.

There is no pay involved, but there is great satisfaction in knowing you are helping save lives. I use a CMS program that is very easy to learn and use, making it easy to design websites that animal rescues can maintain themselves if they choose to. If they choose not to, it makes maintaining their website a breeze. If you think this is something you would like to do please contact me, I NEED YOU!!

Welcome To Free Animal Rescue Websites

I design and maintain free websites for animal rescues. I do require that you host your site with me, I charge $40 a year for hosting, this includes your domain name. Creating, updating and/or teaching you how to update your site is ALWAYS FREE.

I use a very easy to use CMS (content management system) that anyone can use to be able to update their own site once I have created it, I will update it for you free of charge, but remember I am very busy creating new sites so it would be in your best interest to learn or have a volunteer learn how to do it. I am happy to teach you or them and help when needed. I will update for you but it may take a week or longer for me to be able to get to your updates. You can see some of the sites I have created using the CMSPro by clicking the Porfolio menu tab.

The CMS includes many options and features, some of the basics are an event calendar, sliders, photo gallery, paypal donation widget and forms for applications to adopt, foster & volunteer just to name a few. And I can create pretty much any kind of widget or plugin you may need. This is a well rounded, easy to use CMS that I will help you learn to use if you decide to update your own site.

Creating websites especially for rescues is my passion. I have been a web designer since 1996 and this is my way of helping rescue. If you are looking for a site or want to redo an existing site, please contact me. I would LOVE to help you!!

I only use CMSPro as my content manager, if you want to use a different content manager then I unfortunately will not be able to help. I honestly just don't have the time to learn a new system.

Free To Use Fundraising Resources

I'm am very excited to announce the launch of my fundraising site!!There are several fundraising platforms geared towards helping animal rescues but the site is available for anyone to use to raise money for any *LEGAL project or idea they desire!! In the future I plan to hold contests, drawings and other fun events to give money away to rescues who are always in desperately in need of funds. Please help me help the rescues and let your family, friends and fellow rescuers know about ... I thank you, the rescues thank you and the animals they save thank you!

The photo or video contest platform, is one of the most popular and easy to use fundraising options, always free for rescues to use and very affordable for everyone else. My newest contest platform is Pick-A-Box.

*Disclaimer/Warning: Any project or fundraiser deemed NOT LEGAL by me will immediately be removed and the user will be banned. Any LEGAL action taken by law enforcement will be solely the responsibility of the entity or person(s) who set up the fundraiser. I will do everything in my power to help law enforcement catch the law-breaker, you have been warned.

My Contact Info

Sumner, WA
+1 253 826 2810 (Fax)