This one should be a bigger thumbnail, I changed the size to 300 on line 58 on the "/gallery/app/controllers/pjAdminImages.controller.php" as I was told to do, you can see the thumbnail is still 100, not 300???? I deleted the original images and created these new images with hotspots after I made the changes I was told would fix the issues, as you can see it hasn't fixed anything. I am so far behind on this website now because of the incompetent support, if this isn't fixed today I want a refund. You can go back and read this ticket from start to finish, I am not just bitching, the support on this ticket has been awful, my questions are not getting answered making it take way longer to resolve this issue that it should have. If you want to boast that your support is great (it used to be), then please make sure your support people are actually reading the tickets and ANSWERING the questions, thank you.

On this background I have 4 icons on the top left side, the two icons I created are showing, your icons are not, how and where in the stylesheet do I make them visible if it is done on the css??