Why I Do Free Websites For Animal Rescues

Many years ago I decided I couldn't foster, some people can, I just can't. I have always had animal companions and I know I could never give them up once I got attached to them, I would be a major foster failure. So I decided my way of helping would be doing FREE websites for any animal rescue that wanted one ... it was perfect! I love doing websites and what better way to spend my time than to help animal rescues that needed a site.

I started doing the the FREE sites back in1996, in 2006 I started a hosting company to further help the cause, now I can also provide very reasonably priced hosting. Because of word of mouth I have also been contacted by and taken on clients that are non rescue accounts that pay a little more, this helps offset the cost of running the company. It took a few years but I am finally to the point where the hosting pays for itself, most years!